Fuel Injection Tube (USIT®)

USIT®-SP is the world’s first tube which was adopted for common rail diesel fuel injection systems among several high-pressure injection tubes. The Common rail fuel injection system plays a very important role in diesel emission control today.

To support the constant advancement of diesel engine technology, USIT®-SP has the world’s highest level withstanding pressure fully utilizing USUI proprietary technologies such as plasticity processing, heat treatments, and smoothing on inner surface. USIT®-SP has a very high level of cleanliness through skillfully applying cleaning techniques that were developed in-house to efficiently remove contaminants on tube surface.

USIT®-SP wins the high regards of auto-manufacturers, and is adopted on more than half of diesel engines in the world that are equipped with common rail.

To deal with stringent diesel emission regulations in the near future, operation pressure of common rail, which is around 200MPa injection pressure currently used, should obviously be increased further in next generation system.

As the leading maker of fuel injection tubes, USUI has already developed tubes to be used for 250MPa or more common rail system pressure.

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