Single Walled Steel Tubing (Hycolin®)

Hycolin® is an electric resistance welded steel tube specially made, which is manufactured from electrolytic metal-coated steel strip (one surface). The strip is wound into tubular and then welded together on both edges to form continuous strip.

This tube possesses higher withstanding pressure and excellent mechanical properties. And further more, is also equipped with the superior reliability on bending process and end terminal forming process. The tube is applied for several purposes such as fuel pipes and oil pipes on vehicles, tubes for heat exchanger, and pipes for hydraulic piping.

Standard dimension, tolerance, and withstand pressure (Conforming to JASO M101-94)

  • Please feel free to consult USUI for the availability of tube sizes other than listed above.
  • Tubes will be applied with various treatments and/or finishings on external surfaces per intended use.

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Please be aware, depending on use purposes, use environments and use conditions, the generic information may not be applicable in certain cases.
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