Single Walled Steel Tubing (Hycolin®)

On automotive parts, usually rust preventive surface treatment is applied. Zinc based plating or nickel based plating is often used since they have very reliable performance among various treatment methods. Inside and/or outside surface(s) of USUI made tubes are treated, according to the applications, by proprietary zinc based or nickel based plating.

Standard tube outside surface treatment (Hexavalent chromate free)

Zn+Trivalent Chromate

Zn/Ni+Trivalent Chromate






Tube inside surface treatment

Only for Single Walled Steel Tubing(Hycolin®)

Nickel Plating

HINIC® (Double Layer Nickel)

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The information shown on this page is intended to describe typical characteristics and performance that our products might possess; but not to grant any warranty in any form.
Please be aware, depending on use purposes, use environments and use conditions, the generic information may not be applicable in certain cases.
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