Month: May 2020

Plastic Cooling Fan

Plastic Cooling Fan In 1963 USUI successfully developed the world’s first plastic made fan for automobile engine cooling and has been manufacturing the Plastic Cooling Fan since then. In order to provide a highly efficient plastic cooling fan with more airflow rate and less noise, we have developed a various type of blade configuration adopting […]

Fuel Rail (UFRID®)

Fuel Rail (UFRID®) As an approach for reducing fuel evaporative emission, adopting fuel returnless system on gasoline engine vehicles are considerably increased. The system adopted will cause larger fuel pressure pulsation and therefore pulsation dampening should be required on the fuel rail. As UFRID® possesses effective self-dampening capability to the pulsation with rail’s own self, unpleasant […]

Fuel Injection Tube(USIT®)

Fuel Injection Tube (USIT®) USIT®-SP is the world’s first tube which was adopted for common rail diesel fuel injection systems among several high-pressure injection tubes. The Common rail fuel injection system plays a very important role in diesel emission control today. To support the constant advancement of diesel engine technology, USIT®-SP has the world’s highest […]

Surface Treatment

Single Walled Steel Tubing (Hycolin®) On automotive parts, usually rust preventive surface treatment is applied. Zinc based plating or nickel based plating is often used since they have very reliable performance among various treatment methods. Inside and/or outside surface(s) of USUI made tubes are treated, according to the applications, by proprietary zinc based or nickel […]

Double Walled Steel Tubing

Double Walled Steel Tubing Double Walled Steel Tubing is a steel tube for pressure piping, which is manufactured from electrolytic copper coated steel strip (both surfaces). The strip is wound into continuous tubular with double-layered wall and then copper brazed in a special furnace using the coated copper as filler metal. The tube possesses higher […]

Single Walled Steel Tubing (Hycolin®)

Single Walled Steel Tubing (Hycolin®) Hycolin® is an electric resistance welded steel tube specially made, which is manufactured from electrolytic metal-coated steel strip (one surface). The strip is wound into tubular and then welded together on both edges to form continuous strip. This tube possesses higher withstanding pressure and excellent mechanical properties. And further more, is […]

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